Nepal Visa


Nepal Visa regulations,
A valid passport is required for all tourists except Indian nationals to travel to Nepal. Your passport is supposed to be valid for at least six more months to get a visa. Indians need to carry either a passport or the election card.

Visa fees:
You will get your Nepal visa at Kathmandu airport or any other surface entry points upon arrival and the fees are as follows.

1). Multiple entry 15 days visa fee – US$ 25 (valid for 15 days)
2). For more then 15 days visa – US$ 40
3). Fee exempt for kids below 10 years

Please bring visa fee in USD cash ( exact change ) , they will not accept other currencies and not accept credit cards etc for visa payment. You also require a photograph , better bring one.

The tourist visa can also be obtained from Nepalese Embassies or Consulates abroad. The process is the same for the ‘gratis’ visas. The Kathmandu airport is rather slow . In order to shorten your time in the airport (immigration and custom) fill up all the available forms in the airplane itself. The visa application forms are available in the passport control lounge. They are also distributed in the aircrafts before landing.

Indian nationals do not require visa to enter Nepal.