Manaslu Trek suspect post


The Manaslu Circuit Trek is getting more and more popular among trekkers as a new trekking route . Manaslu Trekking is a restricted trekking route, you need to use a government licensed trekking agency with private staffs. You can not do independent trekking in this area. Larke (Larkye) La Pass (5,106 meters) is the most difficult point of the trek but it’s not worse, weather conditions allowing to cross and meet Annapurna circuit route.

The Manaslu Circuit Trek is the premier moderate-to-difficult grade trekking route in Nepal in terms of mountains, authentic culture and enjoyment. This trek gives you the opportunity to see untouched beauty of nature, gives you your own pace for the walk and lets you experience the life of people in the mountains.

Day 01:  Kathmandu to Aru ghat
Day 02:  Aru ghat to Sotikhola
Day 03:  Soti khola to Lapu bensi
Day 04:  Lapu bensi to Tato pani
Day 05:  Tato pani to Jagat
Day 06:  Jagat to Ekle bhoti
Day 07:  Ekle bhoti to Dyang
Day 08:  Dyang to Ghyap
Day 09:  Ghyap to Lihi
Day 10:  Lihi to Sama gaun
Day 11:  Sama gaun to Samdu
Day 12:  Samdu to Dharma sala
Day 13:  Dharma sala to Larkay pass
Day 14:  Larkay pass to Bhim thang
Day 15:  Bhim thang to Tilze
Day 16:  Tilze to Tall
Day 17:  Tall to Syange
Day 18:  Syange to drive to Kathmandu
Day 19:  On the way rest Sama gaun